Fall Rats

In the heart of a cozy woodland glade, where the vibrant hues of autumn paint the scenery in warm oranges, fiery reds, and golden yellows, lies a delightful scene of “Fall Rats.” This whimsical illustration captures the essence of the season through the playful antics of its furry rodent protagonists.

At the center of the scene, a merry band of rats gathers amidst a carpet of fallen leaves and nuts, each adorned in charmingly absurd autumnal attire. Some sport jaunty hats adorned with acorns and colorful leaves, while others don tiny scarves fashioned from knitted yarn. One even has a silly little hat made of moss and mushrooms.

In the center, a rotund rat sits contentedly, cradling a steaming mug of cocoa in its paws, its whiskers twitching with delight as it savors the warmth of the beverage on a crisp fall day. His pointy hat is crisp in the autumnal air. Nearby, another rat lounges against a plump pumpkin, its arms wrapped around the gourd in a gesture of affectionate embrace.

Meanwhile, a fat, cozy scholarly rat is engrossed in a book, its nose buried deep within the pages as it loses itself in the whimsical world of literature. His scarf made of the softest yarn keeps him nice and warm.

Scattered throughout the scene, pinecones, nuts, cinnamon, and berries provide playful props for the rats to interact with, serving as both toys and treasures in their autumnal playground. King trumpet, chanterelle, shiitake, oh so many mushrooms to collect! Some rats collect them, while others roll berries between their paws with gleeful abandon.

Dotted and painted warm textures represent the quirky inconsistency of the dance of falling leaves.

Fall Rats is available for licensing.

More images available for licensing can be found here.

Prints can be purchased here.



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