Happy Hogidays Hedgehog Card

Happy Hogidays Hedgehog Card with a jolly hedgehog in a santa hat eating Christmas cookies. Text reads: Happy Hogidays

Holiday card with a jolly hedgehog in a santa hat eating Christmas cookies. Text reads: Happy Hogidays

Happy Hogidays Hedgehog Card beckons with festive charm in this endearing holiday card illustration. At its heart sits a round hedgehog, adorned in a cheery Santa hat, indulging in a merry feast of cookies. With each nibble, the hedgehog radiates joy, its tiny snout dusted with crumbs, and its eyes twinkling with holiday cheer.

Surrounding the delightful scene, a frame bursts with the lush bounty of winter. Adorned with intricately detailed winter leaves, festive berries, pinecones, and nuts, the frame exudes a rustic elegance that perfectly complements the whimsical centerpiece. Each element contributes to the card’s cozy ambiance, evoking memories of woodland strolls and the crisp, frost-kissed beauty of the season.

The hedgehog, with its round form and adorable expression, becomes the heartwarming focal point of the illustration. Its Santa hat adds a playful touch, infusing the scene with a touch of festive whimsy. As it munches contentedly on the cookies, the hedgehog embodies the spirit of holiday indulgence and merriment.

Happy Hogidays Hedgehog Card captures the essence of the season – a time of joy, togetherness, and the simple pleasures of sharing moments with loved ones. Whether sent to family, friends, or colleagues, this charming holiday card is sure to bring smiles and warm wishes to all who receive it. With its delightful imagery and heartfelt message, “Happy Hogidays” serves as a festive reminder to savor the sweetness of the season and celebrate the joy of spreading holiday cheer.

Happy Hogidays Holiday Hedgehog Card is available for licensing.

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